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January 2016


23-01-2016 12:03 by Bill Simmonds

It is essential that you register annually to the Centre of your choice.  Only registered members to the Norfolk Centre will receive the 2016 rally book.  Whether you pay by credit card or direct debit there is a slip that you need to return, that comes with your membership cards, that you must return each year.  This can also be done on the CC website or by calling 01342 318813. We currently have many members requesting rally books who are not registered with the Norfolk Centre !!

North Staffordshire 50th Anniversary Rally

22-01-2016 18:58 by Bill Simmonds

The North Staffordshire Centre will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2016.  
To mark the occasion they are holding a special rally on the weekend of 8-10th July 2016 at Park Farm, Weston Road, Stafford.
If you would like an entry form for this rally please contact me through the website.
Bill Simmonds

South London Centre Tragic News

10-01-2016 09:14 by Bill Simmonds

There was a major incident at the South London Centre’s New Year Rally.  A serious fire occurred in a motorhome, which also saw two adjacent caravans written-off as a result of the blaze.  The occupants of the adjacent outfits were uninjured, but those in the motorhome are now undergoing treatment for serious  burns. Paramedics, Fire, Police and the Air Ambulance were in attendance.  Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those injured.

Rally Calendar
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Forthcoming Rallies
Glebe House School Holiday Rally, Hunstanton  Rally No. 19019

Glebe House School Holiday Rally, Hunstanton Rally No. 19019

Sunday 11th August - Tuesday 27th August

Free and easy Holiday Rally.  This well known and interesting holiday resort has much to offer for all ages.

You can stay as long as you want !

Slips no later than 19th July  2019

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Norfolk Centre Freshwater Fishing Competition  Rally No. 19020

Norfolk Centre Freshwater Fishing Competition Rally No. 19020

Wednesday 4th September - Sunday 8th September

The Norfolk Centre Freshwater Fishing Competition will take place on Saturday at the Mill Farm Fisheries for the Ladies, Gents and Junior Trophies.

Slips no later than Weds 28th August

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