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02-06-2021 20:52 by Nick Flower

A reminder to all Norfolk Centre members from the Chair

The Centre has received a number of queries and questions from members regarding inviting their friends and family members to a rally as visitors at this time.

I must stress that the Caravan & Motorhome Club strictly forbids this and has asked all Centre Committees to make it clear to members that no visitors will be allowed onto a rally field at this time, until further notice.

This rule applies to the whole of the CAMC site network too.

The Norfolk Centre Committee has published 'What to expect on a Covid-secure rally' guidelines and has asked all Marshals to ensure that Norfolk Centre rallies are compliant with those guidelines; please read these before attending a rally.

I would ask all members to remember that the rules we are being asked to operate under are NOT of the Centre's making and that both the Committee and the Marshals are having to comply with them in accordance with strict risk assessments that have been carried out for all rallies 'post-Covid'. We simply wouldn't be able to hold a rally unless we did.

I appreciate that this is frustrating for some members but would ask that we all stick to the rules and remember that it won't be forever; we will publish any changes to the rules as soon as they are advised to us.

Thank you all for your understanding and enjoy being out on the rally field again!

Nick Flower, Norfolk Centre Chair


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